So many people believe that pedophilia is a form of illness, that through understanding and treatment  can be healed . This in itself already brings to mind, the level of the crime committed against children  , being lowered . From something totally despicable , to something understandable . e.g. Killing a man for a dollar so that you can buy a loaf of bread to feed your starving family , say compared to stealing a loaf of bread to feed a starving family.

The most important thing we have to understand is that pedophiles prey on the smallest and weakest members of our community, our children. This in itself is cowardice at its worst. The second thing to remember is that pedophilia is one of the most rampant crimes in our community that is on the increase due to the influence of the internet. It is also a repeat offence, in other words, it happens more than once. The victim may suffer from years of abuse, and when its over the offender may simply move to another target. In many instances the victim does not come forward until they are in their 30s or 40s  and then it may be to late to get a successful prosecution. As for the perpetrator, well of course he feels remorse for his actions , and for his victim. But only after being caught. 

Pedophiles would have you believe that  they love children , and would never bring harm to them , and that most of the time the children are very mature for their age and willing participants . Pedophiles have hundreds of web sites up pushing this view, and have spent millions of dollars in propaganda to try and change world opinion about them. They have even invested their own money into scientific research to  back up their claims.

What they don't want you to know is that most of the time the children live in fear , and intimidation , confused as to what is going on, and often the children blame themselves for the actions of the predator . And what 4 year old is mature enough mentally , let alone physically for a sexual encounter with an adult. Even the most intellectual giant of an 8 year old knows nothing of sexual desire. This being a hormonal change not brought on until puberty. Yet for some strange reason pedophiles would have you believe that  young children are mature enough to make this sort of decision on their own.

The web and literature in general is full of pedophile propaganda. What they don't wnat you know is that their actions are cold and calculated, there are even instructional web sites out there that teach you how to entice children, how you should act etc. I have personally found about 5 of them, two being Japanese. two being south American and one either European or North American  . All these webs were linked to pro pedophile web sites, or should I say linked to from pro pedophile sites.  The other thing that the propaganda masters don't want you thinking about is the sometimes violent nature of pedophiles. Be it out of fear of being discovered , or what ever, but only to often the brutally murdered body of a missing child is found , the victim of a sexual predator. How many thousands of children go missing each year through out the world, never to be heard of again. And I mean never, no body nothing, they just vanish of the face of the earth.

Sorry , but I don't think so, I believe that the BIG BAD WOLF is out there , with his brothers and yes sisters, feeding their desires off societies children. I believe it to be organized , and well run , by people who have no hearts to speak of. These people are pedophiles, the most organized , and dangerous of there breed , killers.  This idea has seen light before , but people don't want to believe, that possibly, their neighbors could be capable of such horrific acts on such a scale. Thousands of children kidnapped , raped and murdered by a group of people so Evil that society refuses to believe that they could exist. Organized enough to dispose of the  evidence , so that what was, never sees light   again. Sure the thousands of children that disappear off the face of the earth each year never to be seen again are victims of what?

Some one or something must be responsible, and whom ever it is , is smart enough not to get caught, smart enough to remove the evidence for ever, smart enough to make us believe anything except the possible truth. And the number of children vanishing each year in every country is remarkably stable , for a world wide phenomenon that is largely unexplained. If you went by pure mathematics , it would be a lot like supply and demand. The demand for children to vanish is remarkably stable.

Just how many children vanish each year off the face of the earth never to be seen again, well 250,000 for a world wide figure , would be a conservative figure indeed. Think about that, if 250,000 children were attacked and killed by sharks each year , think of the outcry, from concerned parents, from the media , and church groups. There would be a world wide campaign  for something to be done on a global scale. But because the children disappear without a trace, no clues as to what happen. One has to wonder about that, what type of predator is that smart, that good, that no trace , no clue is left behind. A human predator, trained , taught, given support by others like himself. A premeditated cold blooded , killing machine, that feeds of children , so good that nothing can stop him. Only humans are that good. The big bad wolf is out there, you better believe it, because if you dont, how in the hell do you expect to stop him when you dont even believe he exists. This has been the big bad wolfs savior so far, the ignorance of the general community, their unwillingness to face the horrible truth.

Hear no evil     speak no evil     see no evil.